Director: Damon Christian
Vinegar Syndrome

"Johnny Wadd" producer Damon Christian tries his hand at directing with these two early eighties porn parody efforts EAT AT THE BLUE FOX and TITILLATION, on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome.

EAT AT THE BLUE FOX has Mexican sex club owner Rick (FAST TIMES AT CHERRY HIGH's Ron Jeremy) and his girls planning to give up the club pianist Jose (Lazaro Valdez) at the end of the season. Rick's plans are cut short when the new highway diverts traffic from the club and the town sheriff Wade (Jerry Abrams) – aka "The Grossest Man in Mexico" – no longer needs him. The sheriff takes his passport, jails his girls – among them NEW WAVE HOOKERS' Desiree Lane, INSATIABLE's Pamela Mann, and Russ Meyer favorite Kitten Natividad – and the Blue Fox falls into disrepair. Three years later, boozing Rick's nether regions are brought back to life by a rich girl (Kimberly Carson, BACKDOOR ROMANCE) running from a speeding ticket who has the choice between him or a donkey. Rick blows up the bridge, detouring traffic back to his club in a plot to take off with his girls while the sheriff tries to negotiate a bigger piece of the action (in the meanwhile offering the clientele helpings of "chili surprise" and then selling bicarb for fifty dollars per glass).

The title TITILLATION pretty much sums up the point of Christian's squandered film noir parody take on Cinderella. Eager to be reunited with the woman of his dreams before he shuffles off, "the philanthropic found of the phallic fraternity" Felix Fitswilly (Roy Simpson) has hired and fired twenty-five detectives to fit his bronze bra to the right pair of mammaries. Actually, his secretary Brenda (MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND's Angelique Pettyjohn) is hoping to take over Fitswilly's business empire and has deliberately picked out incompetent PIs. The latest is the pairing of Spado Zappo (Eric Edwards, LAURA'S TOYS) and Pigeon Johnson (Randy West, CALIFORNIA REAMING) – introduced staking out a motel – who are none-too-bright but smart enough to realize that Brenda has an angle. In this film, everyone has an angle: from the guy in the next room who slips a mickey to bodacious Jerri (Kitten Natividad again) to Brenda's husband "Rooster" (Mike Horner, LET'S GET PHYSICAL) who hangs around one of Fitswilly's female-only apartment buildings and helps himself to the new residents.

A lazy south-of-the-border-set take on CASABLANCA heavily dependent on Jeremy's "charisma" as a stand-up comedian and falling back too often on literal "toilet humor", EAT AT THE BLUE FOX has in its favor slick and colorful photography by Bob Chinn-regular Jack Remy (VISTA VALLEY PTA), handsome production values, and Herschel Savage (TRASHY LADY) as half of a pair of truckers who use a "swollen tongue" ploy for a free threesome with one of the club's girls (Theresa Jones). TITILLATION gets bogged down by its own twists, inserting either the sex scenes or the expository ones haphazardly and depending on the thankfully present comedic chops of Edwards, West, Horner, and Pettyjohn for any sense of forward momentum. Edwards' hardboiled narration occasionally rates a chuckle, but the "hold it right there" climax stops being funny real quick. Once again, production values are slick and the production looks good, as do the sex scenes, and that may be all that matters.

Scanned and restored in 2K from the original 35mm interpositives, the progressive, anamorphic 1.78:1 widescreen presentations are colorful and as detailed as SD allows, with naturally heavy grain during the night exteriors and the only damage in the form of the scratches that occur around the hole-punched reel changes. The Dolby Digital 1.0 mono tracks are without issues. The sole extra is a trailer for EAT AT THE BLUE FOX (3:48). (Eric Cotenas)