Director: Bob Chinn
Vinegar Syndrome

That PEACHES girl Desiree Cousteau faces off against John Holmes' "high protein delight" as one of the HOT & SAUCY PIZZA GIRLS, on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome.

Fresh off the bus from the Midwest, Ann Chovy (Desiree Cousteau, PRETTY PEACHES) applies for a job at the Country Girl Pizza Parlor run by John (John Holmes, JOHNNY WADD) and his "twin brother" Bob (director Bob Chinn himself) where the girls deliver pizza on skateboard and get a little something on the side. Ann lacks experience in food delivery but the fringe benefits excite her. After a probing interview with John, Ann joins the other pizza girls Shakey (Laurien Dominique, HOT LEGS), Gino (Candida Royalle, EASY ALICE), and Celeste (Christine De Shaffer, DRACULA EXOTICA) learning the ropes as she goes (including how the pizza types and toppings stand for different sexual fetishes). Gino's order of head cheese is a little oral action for a Texas cowboy (Richard Pacheco, CANDY GOES TO HOLLYWOOD) while Shakey's combination special is a threesome with another pair of Texans – staying in the same apartment building – Lewis (Spender Travis, INSIDE DESIREE COUSTEAU) and Henry (Paul Thomas, FANTASY WORLD). Ann Chovy discovers from her customer (Carl Regal, SEXWORLD) than an order of an anchovy pizza requires her to receive oral while Celeste double order of bellpepper requires her to service a horny housewife (Vicky Lindsay, CHINA LUST). Little do the girls realize that they are being watched by the clumsy Inspector Blackie (John Seeman, BABY ROSEMARY) for a top secret investigation, or that the three Texans are fried chicken restaurateurs who want the girls off the street and the pizza parlor out of business in order to protect their investment. When the girls start falling prey to the rapist known as the "San Francisco Night Chicken", John and Bob start tailing their deliveries in order to catch the feathered fiend.

Directed by Bob Chinn (PRISONER OF PARADISE), HOT & SAUCY PIZZA GIRLS is the sort of porn comedy where performances definitely make the difference between guffaws and groans. Holmes is naturalistic even outside of the sex scenes, Cousteau rattles off rambling monologues about country life mid-coitus, the girls have an easy-going chemistry, and the trio of Thomas, Pacheco, and Travis seem to revel in playing Texans ("Who eats the hole will also suck the pole"). The pizza parlor location and some comic bits out on the street in broad daylight open up the film a bit from the usual cramped bedrooms, and by this point it appears that Chinn has honed his directing abilities to the point where the varied sex scenes are well-edited without seeming too brief or overstaying their welcome.

Previously released on DVD by VCX in a full-frame, tape-mastered transfer, Vinegar Syndrome's progressive, anamorphic 1.78:1 widescreen DVD is reportedly the first uncut edition of the film. After the grainy credits sequence, it's an attractive transfer of a mostly slick-looking film (with the night shots and some of the on-the-fly daytime exteriors looking a bit grainier than the well-lit interiors). The Dolby Digital 1.0 mono track is fairly clean with a little hiss only noticeable during brief moments of silence. Besides the film's theatrical trailer (2:40), the disc also includes a short interview with producer Damon Christian (11:22) in which he describes how he found himself in bed with the mob on the film (the New York investors were such caricatures of the mob that he didn't believe they actually were made men), how John Holmes nearly got his legs broken by them after burning down the pizza parlor location, and his efforts to get out of the arrangement with them by making another film. (Eric Cotenas)