Director: Walter Boos
Impulse Pictures/Synapse Films

The schoolgirls are back with new “educational” adventures in Impulse Pictures’ DVD of SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #10: EVERY GIRL STARTS SOMETIME.

This time around, the framing devices for the schoolgirls’ sexual experiences is a lecture on the place of legislation in private affairs and whether morals regulate legislation or vice-versa. The teacher (Anke Syring of Joseph Sarno’s VEIL OF BLOOD) uses as an example the he-said-she-said case of a Latin/English teacher (Reiner Brönneke, PENELOPE PULLS IT OFF) pressed into tutoring a failing student (Bärbel Markus) by her single mother (Eva Berthold, SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #12), and then accused of getting the girl drunk and raping her; but another side of the story is offered up by her stalker (Claus Obalski, SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #11). Inga doesn’t so much relate her story as zone out and recollect her quest to lose her virginity and experience sexual satisfaction after the handsome brother (Heinz Gerstl, BOTTOMS UP) of her schoolmate rejects her because he doesn’t do virgins. Her journey takes her into a series of encounters with disco hookups, bikers, and total strangers. Sophomore Kathy Dietz is no innocent. Sick of her not-much-older stepmother Angelika (Karin Lorson, THE SENSUOUS HOUSEWIFE) monopolizing her father (Günther Kieslich, BETWEEN THE COVERS), she promises to sleep with artist Frank if he seduces her stepmother first so that she can provide her father with photographic evidence; however, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Young Seffi (Alexandra Bogojevic, SALON KITTY) manages to miss her bus and her class while she and her boyfriend Karli (Peter Hamm, BLOODLUST) try to steal a few moments of privacy away from the prying eyes of her mother (Ursula Reit, NAUGHTY NYMPHS) and her protective uncle (Willy Schultes, LOVE BAVARIAN STYLE). Karli hits upon an idea when his boss (Edgar Wenzel, TEENAGE GAMES) loans him his copy of William Peter Blatty’s THE EXORCIST: Seffi is to pretend to be possessed and Karli will show up disguised as a monk to exorcise her! The final story is that of Iris (Gina Janssen, HELLHOLE WOMEN) – the student most adamant that the government should stay out of private affairs – who has been having a relationship with supposedly single “sugar daddy” managing director Walter (Paul Glawion, I DEAL IN DANGER). No sooner is she confronted by Walter’s wife (Astrid Jacob) – more angry that Iris has been seen in public with her husband than about the affair itself – than Walter’s nephew (Claus Tinney, BED CAREER) hoping to take his place in her bed.

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #10 is rather refreshing after part nine which was a bit of slog. The framing philosophical question of this installment still is only tangentially related to the episodes, and none of them actually provoke any deeper discussion; but they move at a nice clip. There’s really more nudity than actual sex here, but seasoned viewers of the series will know what to expect (newbies might be disappointed however). The longest segment of the film, THE EXORCIST parody is the funniest of the comic episodes, of which there are fewer here than usual (series director Walter Boos had already tacked an EXORCIST rip-off in 1974 with MAGDALENA, POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL). Bogojevic may not be the hottest-looking actress in the film, but she’s hilarious as she tries out her possession faces and voices to bewildered strangers on the way home before letting loose at home (as something like a cross between an obscene Larry Fine and Lucille Ball). With the exception of the EXORCIST episode, the other stories could all have been fleshed out to feature length (with equal additional helpings of plot and sex). Part ten might not be the best place to start, while it will be a must-buy for collectors of the series.

Unlike the previous two SCHOOLGIRL REPORT volumes covered here, Impulse Pictures’ single-layer DVD of the tenth installment features English-language credits – with the onscreen title SEXY SCHOOLWORK (although Hemisphere Pictures called it SMARTIE PANTS for its US release) – including a credit for the English version; however, the Dolby Digital 2.0 mono track is in German, and there are optional English subtitles. Some of the earlier masters for the series entries have looked rather poor, seemingly sourced from German tape masters (presumably the German sets look like this as well). SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #10’s progressive, anamorphic widescreen (1.63:1) transfer, however, looks good for the most part apart from evident edge enhancement. Rather than video noise, there are a couple frame tears in addition to the usual square reel change marks. There are a couple jump cuts and abrupt edits (in the first story, the professor kisses each of the student’s breasts but there is a jump in the picture and audio just as he moves further downward) that suggest either the source print isn’t complete or that the film was censored after it was edited and scored. Unlike SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #3, there does not appear to be available individual uncut and “international” releases. (Eric Cotenas)