Director: Kirdy Stevens
Vinegar Syndrome

The younger generation gets a go at exploring family relations in TABOO IV, on Blu-ray/DVD combo from Vinegar Syndrome.

Psychologist Dr. Jeremy Lodge (Jamie Gillis, PRETTY PEACHES 2) has written a book on the taboo of incest in America, positing that sexual infidelity is responsible for making fathers turn to their daughters and mothers to their sons as a substitute for their cheating spouse. The viewer can guess that this will of course be a self-fulfilling prophecy when Jeremy discovers his brother Billy (John Leslie, NOTHING TO HIDE) in bed with his wife Alice (Cyndee Summers, PANAMA RED). Rather than blaming his brother, he throws out his wife and is content to let his promiscuous daughter Naomi (Karen Summer, FOXY BOXING) – just expelled from Catholic school after being caught in bed with her boyfriend (Francois Papillon, TRASHY LADY) – live with her while good daughter Robin (Ginger Lynn, TOO NAUGHTY TO SAY NO) stays with him. Initially ignorant of her father's work, Robin becomes intrigued by incest while listening in on his weekly sessions whose members include Joanne (Robin Cannes, IN & OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS) who is sleep with her brother (Craig Roberts, SUBURBAN LUST) and TABOO II's Joyce MacBride (Honey Wilder, GREAT SEXPECTATIONS) who is troubled by her continuing relationship with son Junior (Kevin James, CARNAL FANTASIES). Junior starts flirting with Robin who wants to indulge her newfound kink with mother and son before making the moves on daddy. Meanwhile, Alice finds herself fighting with daughter Naomi for the affection and attention of Billy (who is actually Naomi's biological father).

TABOO IV – subtitled THE YOUNGER GENERATION – reconciles the series' comic and dramatic elements more successfully than the previous two sequels, treating the break-up of Lodge's marriage, the troubled relationship between the brothers, the daughters' reaction to the split, as well as interactions between characters involved in incestuous unions seriously while taking a more lighthearted approach to the other relationships (Summer and SEXWORLD's Joey Silvera have a warm and funny improvisational buildup to their backstage encounter). The two climactic sex scenes may be hotter for some viewers if they focus on the performers rather their fictive relationships. Kay Parker and Mike Ranger appear solely in archival footage from TABOO, but there are enough hot sexual encounters between the main characters in various combinations for the film not to resort to too much stock footage or even new "flashbacks" from other members of Lodge's support group.

Transferred from the original 35mm camera negative, the 1080p24 MPEG-4 AVC 1.85:1 widescreen TABOO IV has a nice glossy eighties look during all of its original footage while archival footage from the earlier films looks a tad grainier and contrastier. The DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 mono track boasts clear dialogue and scoring (the theme song is less creative this time around than TABOO III). The film is accompanied by two audio commentaries. On the first, director Kirdy Stevens and writer/producer Helene Terrie rehash the story of how Stevens initially became involved with arcade loops (building his own film processor since Eastman Kodak would turn any pornographic film over to the authorities), skirting the law with nudist shorts until his customers demanded harder material, before moving onto the film itself. They discuss how they came across Summer and that Traci Lords was initially considered for Lynn's part. They also mention that they wanted to bring Jerry Butler back from TABOO III but he was not available. Terrie also recalls her frustration with Gillis and Leslie reworking their dialogue while also admitting that sometimes she had to be ordered off the set.

The second track features Lynn who is seeing the completed film for the first time and recalls her simultaneous feelings of arousal and discomfort with the subject matter of the script, having seen the first film because she knew that Kay Parker was a favorite of her father (who was her bodyguard at conventions at the height of her popularity), her reflections on Stevens and Terrie (and filming in their home which was next door to the Jackson family compound), her memories of Gillis (including a later encounter in which he advised her to make a career move towards bestiality) and Leslie, her lasting friendship with Summer, as well as how her exclusive contract with Vivid for video did allow her to do shot-on-film productions like TABOO IV for other companies. Lynn also appears in a video interview (26:42) covering much of the same ground while also providing some more irreverent comments about Gillis and Leslie (as well as describing eighties pubic hair as "bush for days"), the film and home video markets of the era, and her decision to move towards the mainstream. Summer appears in a new interview (16:43) in which she reveals that she had been a production assistant on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD before getting into nude modeling and being approached by Terrie and Stevens about doing the film DAISY CHAIN. Of TABOO IV, she recalls her friendship with Allen, the professionalism of Gillis and Leslie, and her intensely satisfying encounter with Silvera. The eighty-one page screenplay is also included in a script gallery (6:40) with handwritten notes and revisions. (Eric Cotenas)